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Medical Concierge: Navigator Software

Our MC: Navigator V2 is now an "enhanced productivity machine" that's easy to use.

What did we do? We designed it to be anticipates the information required to organize your work time more effectively. Tabs and drop down menus follow your normal workflow for gathering and reporting your medical data easier than any other program on the market!

You wonít get "lost" in the program. Your day is full enough so our program saves you time by being simple to use, organizing your day more effectively and getting the job done right the first time. Itís like hiring an assistant! Reports are more comprehensive and can vary depending on your needs! It's that simple. Call us for a free demo to see for yourself.

Medical Concierge: Navigator is an affordable nurse navigator tool written from the ground up with direct input from experienced nurse navigators. You can do it all from just one application:

Software Version 2.1
  • Track Barriers to Care
  • Organize Schedules and Contacts
  • Maintain Progress Notes
  • Track Patient Referrals
  • Create Intelligent Reports
  • Easily share information among caregivers, physicians, patients and their families
  • Developed by Practicing Nurse Navigators
  • Clinical Trial Tracking
  • Documentation
  • Patient and Physician Portals
  • Ability to Upload Documents
  • Allow System Wide Networking
  • Cross Program Interfacing Available
  • NCCN Module
  • Enhanced Clinical Tracking

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